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I work with a wide range of clients on a 1:1 basis, ranging from business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders, to professional footballers, creatives and lawyers. Something that they all have in common is the need for clarity, an urge to grow, and a desire for finding fulfilment without the burnout. 

I only take on a certain amount of 1:1 clients to ensure that each month I am giving my full attention and energy to your transformation.



Shift From Overwhelm to Empowerment

Eliminate The Constant Negative Self-Talk

Gain Clarity on Your Vision, Core Values and Action Plan

Release All That's Been Holding You Back and Keeping You Stuck

Start Believing In Yourself and What's Possible For You, by Transforming Your Limiting Beliefs at a Subconscious Level

Transform Your Inner World to Create The Changes You Want to See in Your Outer World

Become An Energetic Match To the Things You Want To Attract

Learn To Honour and Regulate Your Emotions

Unlock Your Highest Potential and Become The Best Version of YOU

Create Daily Life-Changing Habits to Start Living With Intention and In Alignment

"Sometimes you need someone else to give you clarity!"

"Kayleigh is so helpful, positive, and makes you see life in a whole different perspective!"

I didn't really know what to expect with Coaching and I was sceptical but I saw instant value. My sessions with Kayleigh have been excellent. Sometimes you need someone else to give you clarity on certain things. Kayleigh did that and she's adjusted the way I think about things and my goals in a positive way. Really excited about my next session!


I chose Kayleigh for Life Coaching because I had seen her Instagram and seen how she has transformed her life, and even written her own book! 'm already seeing a change in my life, and in the way that I think. 
Kayleigh is so helpful, positive and makes you see life in a whole different perspective. She is helping me to overcome bad habits and create new habits that help me with my confidence, business, and every day life.

She listens to you and gives the best advice. If you feel you need a Life Coach for help and guidance then Kayleigh is your girl!

Thank you for all your help so far, I'm so excited to continue this journey with you! 


"The benefits I've gained from working with Kayleigh have benefited my whole life beyond my dreams!"

"Working with Kayleigh as my Life Coach (Or wife coach as I sometimes refer to her) has been an eye opener!"

"Getting in my own way" was the story of my life until I started having Kayleigh as my 1:1 Coach. Kayleigh is one of the most positive and encouraging people I've ever met.

She has helped me to focus on the real objectives to attain my goals, but at the same time, provided insight into patterns which were holding me back. To date these changes have exceeded my expectations, and the insights I've gained from working with her have benefited my whole life beyond my dreams! Thank you Kayleigh!


I can't imagine anyone meeting Kayleigh and not feeling the positive, uplifting persona she naturally brings to the table, whether you meet her in person or via Zoom. Working with Kayleigh as my Life Coach (Or Wife Coach as I sometimes refer to her) has been an eye opener. My aim was to work on some of my weaknesses to develop them into strengths in my family life, business, health and personal. By working with Kayleigh, I am not only achieving this but I am building on my strengths and building new good habits.

I look forward to our sessions as it keeps me accountable and focused on my goals. If you're lucky enough to get a space working with Kayleigh, snap it up as I can't imagine there will be much availability in her diary! 




Step into my home studio for your very own, private sound bath. 

✨60 or 90 minute sessions available 

✨Yoga mat, warm blanket, and eye pillow provided

✨Water or tea included

✨Prices start from £150 for 60 minutes

✨Highcliffe, The New Forest, Dorset

Immerse yourself in the magic of sound, during a 60-90 minute session. I will firstly guide you into a relaxing, meditative state, before taking you on a journey through sound using Crystal Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Tibetan Bowls, Drums, and Rain Sticks. Sound Healing has many benefits, including deep relaxation, calming your nervous system, sleep improvement, stress release, emotional release, and a reduction in blood pressure

"Kayleigh had immediate insight into my lack of fulfilment!"

"I can't thank Kayleigh enough, her energy is out of this world!"

"I would highly recommend Kayleigh to anyone looking to develop their mindset & personal growth"

I came to Kayleigh as I was feeling unfulfilled and lost. I had achieved real success in my career but I felt that something was missing.  I searched around and on my initial conversations with Kayleigh she had immediate insight into my lack of fulfilment.  She has the real ability to focus in on the key issues, develop a plan and ensure accountability, whilst at the same time delivering the coaching/mentoring with real warmth and understanding.  Kayleigh's guidance was not merely theoretical: as a direct result of our sessions I have made real changes and adjustments to both my professional and private life. These changes are yielding dividends. 

For me, this year is all about self-growth and Kayleigh inspires me in so many ways.

If you need a mindset, money, growth shift, then you need to book in with Kayleigh. I feel a million times more positive, happier and motivated. She takes you through all the steps and simplifies everything so that you don't feel overwhelmed. She's given me so much clarity on where I'm heading next, thanks so much Kayleigh!



From when I first started working with Kayleigh, I found that from the very beginning she had a good plan and focus on what I wanted to achieve, and different steps on how to get there. All of which helped me to concentrate on where I wanted to go. Whilst working with Kayleigh, she was very professional with her work, but also had a good balance in which it was very easy to talk to her. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to develop their mindset and for personal growth. 


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