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Disconnect from Routine and Reconnect with Ritual


   In the modern world we live in, we get so caught up in routine that we rarely create time to listen to our bodies, our intuition, our desires, the signals and signs that surround us. Rituals create a sacred space for directing our focus internally, spending time in reflection,

re-charging and relaxing.



     An hour time to press pause, and withdraw from the modern, fast-paced way of life. The perfect start to the day; creating magic within and getting quiet before busy begins. During this 1-hour ritual you'll be taken through a guided meditation, eft tapping, journalling gratitude, intentions, and how to set powerful goals and affirmations. 

 A Sunday ritual designed to help you reset and release after a busy week. During this 2-hour ritual you'll be given time to reflect, release and relax, through meditation, breathwork, journalling, eft tapping, and sound healing.

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Join me and other like-minded souls for My Morning Ritual or Soulful Sunday at The Retreat, set in the heart of The New Forest. Located in the South Studio; a peaceful, light-filled space, surrounded by views of the forest.

Booking is essential, due to limited spaces!

You can book ad hoc classes, or a block of 4, and receive a discounted rate.

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