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How to Develop More Self-Love with 5 Simple Steps

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Self-love is NOT a fad or a trend! Self-love is a basic human necessity, and something we should all practise more of if we want to live a fulfilling life. We juggle many relationships, with partners, children, family, friends, co-workers... The one we often seem to neglect, is the relationship we have with ourselves! Self-love may look different for each of us, but knowing what it looks like for YOU, is paramount to your happiness. It can be defined as a state of appreciation for oneself, and it grows from actions that support our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health and wellbeing. It encompasses being kind and loving towards yourself, valuing your worth, setting healthy boundaries, prioritising your own needs, and not settling for less than you deserve.

Not only will developing more self-love improve your relationship with yourself and others, it will enhance your overall experience of life.

Tip #1 - Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

How often do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling through your socials... to find you've spent a whole hour comparing and judging these seemingly perfect lives to your own? When we engage in comparing our self and our journey to others, we begin to develop a lack mindset. With enough practise you'll strengthen the limiting belief that you're not enough, that everything you are and have is not enough. First, and foremost; YOUR ARE ENOUGH EXACTLY AS YOU ARE. You can certainly use another's journey to motivate and inspire you, but to do this you have to stop the COMPARING. Remember that the universe is always presenting you with a life catalogue, and all the abundant things within it. If you see someone else enjoying the thing that you want for yourself, say "YES PLEASE" and refrain from any jealousy, hatred, or bitterness.

The only comparison for you to indulge in, is the version of you today, compared to who you were yesterday.

Tip #2 - Remember That You Are Unique

That is your superpower! There's 8 billion people on the planet today, and not one of them are YOU. Stop trying to be more of everyone else, and be more of you. The further you can embrace your uniqueness, quirks, flaws and all; the more self-love you will cultivate. Try adding an affirmation into your morning routine; "Being me is my superpower."

"Being different gives the world colour." – Nelsan Ellis.

Tip #3 - Cut Off Toxic People

It's unavoidable to live life without having encounters with the energy vampires, narcissists, manipulators, negative nellies...But it is in your best interest to eliminate them and to not tolerate these kind of people in your life.

Cut them ALL off.

Tip #4 - Set Healthy Boundaries with Yourself and Others

This tip is CRUCIAL to developing self-love! Setting boundaries defines our expectations of ourselves and others within our relationships. Expressing your priorities, what you need and want, and what you will or won't stand for, is not selfish it's self-care. How can you honour and love yourself if you're not communicating these things?

People with poor boundaries, may find themselves trapped in people pleasing mode, or having developed codependency issues.

Tip #5 - Trust Your Decisions

Learning to trust yourself is one of the most helpful things you can do for you. It will help you to build SELF-LOVE and CONFIDENCE.

It's easier to make decisions when you have clarity on what your goals in life are. If you're not aware of what you want in life, how can you begin to make better choices for your future? How can you make decisions that will align with where you want to go?

Break the habit of questioning your decisions!

Choose Self-Love

When you really start to love and value who you are; you will ooze positivity, dream bigger, and strive for more.Your life and your relationships will FLOURISH!

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