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Meet Kayleigh Jade Langwieser, internationally accredited coaching master, wellness expert, and retreat leader.


"As a Holistic Life Coach, my purpose and passion is to help you become the highest version of yourself, through personal and professional growth, development and healing."

Kayleigh is a holistic life coach, retreat leader, mindfulness lover, writer, & wanderlust soul. After spending over a decade studying self-development tools and techniques, human behaviour, mindset and mindfulness, she discovered her purpose of sharing her wisdom and knowledge with others through coaching, workshops, and retreats. 


"Our human nature is not to become stagnant, but to expand, heal and evolve. When we talk about wanting change within our life, we usually focus on our outside world; environment, circumstances, and experiences. What if I told you that the key to creating all of that change, is to redirect your focus internally; change happens from the inside out! Our inner world is made up of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, self-talk, values, fears, and goals, and it's our internal world that creates everything in our outside world! I'm here to help you nurture, and align your inner world, so that you can create the life you came here to live!"

'My mission is to raise the vibration of the planet, adding as much value to the lives of others, so that they can live authentically and fulfilled!"

Kayleigh has spent the past 14 years in deep self-discovery & healing work, learning all that she can from some of her favourite teachers including Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dr Joe Dispenza and Jim Rohn. During the first pandemic in 2020, Kayleigh shared some of her mindfulness and mindset wisdom in her debut book Peace & Prosperity - Change Your Mindset Change Your Life, a book written for those looking to embark on their self-development journey. Kayleigh has since completed an NLP in mindset & mindfulness, internationally accredited coaching certification, sound healing practitioner certification, alongside meditation and breathwork courses. Kayleigh found a love for writing her own guided meditations that aid the visualisation process, taking her clients on a deep journey within. Kayleigh now coaches clients on a 1:1 basis, in a group setting, and also for corporate companies. She runs wellness retreats globally and hosts online coaching courses and workshops throughout the year. 


"Like the majority of us; I spent the first 20 years of my life searching for more, for meaning, growth and purpose! When I left high school I entered the corporate world, to work my way up the ladder in a predominately sales driven, masculine environment. For all those that have also been trapped or exposed to that world, you'll relate to the lack of work life balance, feeling stuck on the hamster wheel, and getting tired of suppressing your authentic voice. I knew there was more fulfilment to be had in life, more joy to be found and more balance between my feminine energy and my masculine energy. 


I was introduced to personal development tools, techniques and coaching modalities, through daily reading and online research and

I immediately grew a healthy obsession with striving to become the best version of myself that lived on her own terms. I witnessed how profound doing the inner work was to my entire life, and I made a commitment to never stop healing, growing, and stepping outside of my comfort zone. Then I found my purpose of helping others to do the same!

I'm fascinated by all aspects of personal development, human behaviour, spirituality, and astrology. When my head isn't stuck in a book, you'll usually find me journalling, meditating, on a yoga mat, hosting a retreat or catching a flight to somewhere on my bucket list.

I really look forward to connecting with you.

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Forever Grateful xoxo"

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