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3 Productivity Tips

Do you ever feel like there's not enough hours in the day?

I want to share 3 simple, but extremely effective tips with you, that will develop your relationship with time! If you practise putting these 3 things in place, you will begin to feel more organised, productive and on top of your sh*t!

Turn off the unnecessary notifications on your Apps! ~ Those little pings and pop ups are steeling your focus, wasting your time, and aiding your procrastination. Minimise distractions by turning them OFF. I like to keep my phone calls on, and WhatsApp (No group chats) the rest are turned off. If someone urgently needs you; they'll call!

Set your App Limits! ~ Cut back on the time you spend on socials and all other energy zapping apps. Check your daily screen time and become aware of time that is being wasted, that could be better invested elsewhere. Set a time limit on those apps via your settings. We can't magic any extra hours into the day, BUT we can start spending time more efficiently and in the present. I've set my limits on socials to 15 minutes per day, and I give myself 1 hour in the morning and 1 before bed of zero phone time.

Use the Calendar in your phone! ~

How many times do you find you've double booked yourself? Stress about if you've forgot to do something? Worry about what's happening tomorrow? Minimise the stress, anxiety and worry, by planning ahead! Spend 10 minutes every Sunday evening, adding anything and everything to the calendar on your phone for the week ahead.Meetings, calls, appointments, lunch dates, pick-ups, drop offs, a catch up with a friend, a dog walk, a gym session...

Planning in this way has several benefits, and to mention a few; you'll feel more organised, you'll be in control of your day, you'll see where you do have 'free' time, and you'll stress and worry less!

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