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Goals Change!

…And that’s a completely normal part of life!

Only 3 years ago…

The goal that held my focus, was to run my own Fintech business in California. I’d spent 10 years in the industry, and I dreamt about running my own business in America… A much bigger country, and more opportunity! Every morning during my journaling time, I would enthusiastically write “I am so happy and grateful now that I am running my own Fintech business in L.A/California- Thank you!”

I was in and out of several apps during the day, when working on myself and on my mindset, constantly asking myself the same question,

“Why has nobody designed and developed all of this into one place?!”

Then, in November 2019, I felt a new desire brewing and the flicker of a lightbulb moment. It excited me like nothing else had before. I began writing down ideas for a personal growth app that I could bring to life, and I called it Peace & Prosperity. To date I still ask this question, and I have not yet had the app built that I envision. BUT what did come from planting this new seed was something I had never dreamt of!

In April 2020, I sat down to begin writing my own book… Not only had this never been a goal of mine, but it wasn't an image within my vivid imagination. From a very young age, I’ve always loved to read, and I do enjoy writing and being creative. I wasn’t sure at the time of writing what would come from it, if anything, but I knew I was enjoying the thought of helping others on a bigger scale. I knew that I was finding my voice, and I could be relatable to many. I knew that I had to challenge my insecurities and embrace being vulnerable.

This new goal brought up many ‘firsts’ for me, and it was one of my most challenging experiences to date. To make the task I’d set for myself a little easier, I aimed to travel as much as I possibly could (Travelling makes me feel inspired, creative and at home within myself) which was super tricky with it being the first lock down we were experiencing during the global pandemic. Very gratefully, I made it to Florence, Kos, Bodrum, and Tulum…Thank you universe!

In November 2020, my words on paper became a completed manuscript.

Alongside writing Peace & Prosperity- Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life, I was completing a diploma in Mindset & Mindfulness. 6 months later, I was immersed in several courses, and I also gained my International Accreditation as a Coach. I achieved all of this whilst still working my full-time job and coaching my 1:1 clients in the evenings. Due to my love for travel and passion for coaching, one of my main goals now is to connect the two together and run Wellness Retreats worldwide! Wow, just how different my goals are only 3 years on.

So much can change in a short space of time.

In April 2021, another huge goal of mine completely flipped upside down, and it made me feel quite uneasy at the time. I was sitting in my home office, looking up at my vision board, and one of the images caught my attention. It was a large home – UK style mansion, in Cheshire. Usually when I’m visualising from my board, I feel inspired, alive, and ready to take action. I looked at this particular image, and for the first time, I felt nothing. It felt empty. It felt flat. It didn’t feel like me anymore. I realised that this goal no longer aligned with who I am and wondered if it ever had. After a little soul searching, I discovered that my aim and bigger goal in life, has always been to travel the world… Continuously! I envision owning homes in Bali, Italy, L.A… Not in the UK, where there’s no jungles, hot weather, palm trees and crystal beaches.

I’m a true Sagittarius... We’re free spirited, adventurous, and live to travel!

I immediately removed this photo from my vision board and replaced it with homes and villas across the world. Ahhhh… A sigh of relief flooded my being, and my new visions felt like me! It made me realise that it's ok to change my mind about what I want. I'm allowed to chase a dream that might not be seen as the 'norm'. I've learnt that it's completely natural that as I grow, my goals and aspirations will inevitably change and grow too.

Goals change. That’s a fact of life. Keep your mind open, your heart honest, and stay true to you.

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