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Beliefs are not facts!

Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you're right! Beliefs determine everything!

Everything you believe with conviction becomes your reality. I know that's scary if some of your programming is negative and unhelpful, BUT I have good news...You have the power to reprogram your thought patterns, beliefs, and your behaviour cycles. Your brain wiring is not fixed!

It's your internal barriers that sabotage your results. The sh*tty thing is, it's not your fault that you've grown up with negative programming and damaging beliefs. We're conditioned from a very young age, by our parents, teachers, society, environment...There's a lot of external factors that have each played their part.

It is however, for damn sure your responsibility as an adult to change anything that's limiting you. It's your job to develop, grow, and do better.

Listen out for the statements you tell yourself. In particular how you talk about and feel about: Your identity, abilities, potential, behaviour, future, other people, and the world around you. Statements such as

"The world is a dangerous place!" "Love leads to heartbreak!" "I'm so unlucky!" "I'm not smart enough!" "I find it hard to focus!" "If I chase wealth, it will make me a greedy person!"

"Money doesn't grow on trees!"

Can you see how limiting and unhelpful these statements are if you truly believe them? Each of these example beliefs will cripple your success, abundance, and potential, because if YOU believe it to be true, it will be true for YOU.

A limiting belief will be hidden deep inside and holding you back if you're not getting results! Beliefs are opinions, and opinions can be changed; therefore, beliefs can change!

They are not facts.

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