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“What do I actually need in order to be happy and fulfilled?”

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Something I find myself pondering often, is just how many people are wandering around, aimlessly, hoping that one day they’ll just so happen to stumble across 'that thing' that makes them happy and fulfilled!...I fear the answer is millions!

We have one life. There’s no ‘next time’. Life is the most precious gift we have.

Why is everyone not grabbing it by the b*lls and living like it’s so?

Just because your eyes are open, it doesn’t mean you’re awake.

Your life is your responsibility. Not only to live it, but to make yourself happy.

Everyone’s idea of happiness, success, and fulfilment might be different, but it’s certainly your job to find out what that looks/feels/and sounds like for you.

How do you know where to start without that awareness?

How do you define happiness, success, and fulfilment?

If you’re currently unhappy and unfulfilled with where you’re at in life, the chances are that you’re chasing a dream that isn’t truly yours. Society plays such a big role in conditioning us, along with parents, teachers, friends, and our environment. They all play their part. At some point in your life, you will be forced to check in with yourself to determine whether you have played your part.

Are you doing you for you, or for someone else?

Is the career you’re working so hard to become a success in, what you want or what somebody else wants for you?

Is the life you're living feeling authentic and purposeful to you? Or are you living it in the shoes of another?

Remember that as you’re ageing, you’re growing, you’re changing! Therefore, the goals that you're setting, and the things that once made you happy are also changing. Think back to 5 years ago, and how different your life was. How different were you? I bet a lot has happened?

Are you still chasing an outdated dream? Did you achieve the dream and now you’re on to the next? Maybe you’re still feeling as stuck and as lost as you did back then?

Finding fulfilment and being happy isn’t a one stop shop; it’s a constant journey, not an end destination!

You have to keep revisiting, re assessing, and revaluing yourself and your life.

It’s a real kick in the teeth to achieve or acquire 'that thing' you thought would finally make you happy, and it doesn’t! Reality will eventually hit, and you'll discover that your happiness equation is still unsolved.

I’m not one to make a promise that I can’t keep; I promise you if you’re searching outside of yourself for happiness and fulfilment, you’ll forever be searching!

Of course, some materialistic gains can make us smile and bring us happiness, but it’s also short lived. Before you know it, you’ll be back to the drawing board, acquiring more and more stuff, eventually wondering “What was the point in all of this?!”

Save yourself time, energy, and money by asking yourself a very important question;

“What do I actually need in order to be happy and fulfilled?”

Until now, you might have avoided asking yourself that question, because it means admitting to yourself that you somehow lost your way and potentially wasted years of chasing the wrong things. My advice: Don’t waste anymore!

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